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The hardware for this project is a cartridge with the software in, a Diagnostic lead  to convert from 3.3V levels from the Gameboy Advance to 12V level for the Car.




Please follow link for software page


Hardware Description of operation

The Gameboy Advance communicate with the car ECU using two K signal which are  bi directional signals.The gameboy advance  initialize the Vehicle's ECU on the K lines (GBA DO line) .A response is received on one of the K lines from the ECU and transmitter through the interface to the GBA on the DI line. The reason that two K lines are required is on some vehicle's is there is a lot of activity on the K lines ( Lot of ECU. Engine, Gearbox etc.). 


Parts Listing

Part Value Package Library
C1 100N C-5 discrete
C2 100N C-5 discrete
C3 1U C-5 discrete
C4 100N C-5 discrete
C5 100N C-5 discrete
D1 1N4004 DO41-10 diode
DGND SE11 SE11 solpad
GBA_PIN_1 SE11 SE11 solpad
IC1 78L06 78LXX v-reg
IC2 74LVC1G08DCK SC70-5 74xx-little-us
IL712 IL712-3 SO-08 nve
K SE11 SE11 solpad
L SE11 SE11 solpad
PIN2 SE11 SE11 solpad
PIN3 SE11 SE11 solpad
PIN6 SE11 SE11 solpad
R1 510R R-7,5 discrete
R2 510R R-7,5 discrete
R3 6K8 R-7,5 discrete
R4 6K8 R-7,5 discrete
SGND SE11 SE11 solpad
U3 SI9241AEY SO-08 Vishay
U5 SI9241AEY SO-08 Vishay
VBAT SE11 SE11 solpad

Will it work on my car

If your car is a VW,AUDI or SEAT between 1996 2002 you should be able to find a connector like the one displayed below.

Pin Number looking from the front


If you car has one of these connector fitted before you buy or make an interface check that the following pins have wires

Pin 7 K-Line

Pin 15 K/L-Line

Pin 16 Battery Power

Pin 4 or 5 Ground (Only one is required)

if so  then the above interface will be compatible

Also Check for these Pins

Pin 1 CAN Trigger

Pin 6 CAN High

Pin 14 CAN Low

if you have these pins you car has equipment that requires a CAN interface too you will need a VAG-COM interface

On some vehicles they will have a mixture of interface standards CAN and K/L 

This connector is a common point to communicate with lots of different ECU e.g. Engine, Air Bag, ABS, etc you may have an Air Bag light and you can find out more information on the fault.